Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing rapidly spreads your message online, primarily through rapid sharing and growing number viewers/readers. Your message spreads like a virus and hence the name Viral marketing. Few of the main drivers of viral marketing include popular content, incentivizing social sharing, trending, etc. Irrespective of the primary drivers of a potential viral message, the quality of content is important in keeping the momentum of propagation.

Elements of an efficient viral marketing strategy

While it is hard to predict what will excite the vast online population, following strategic considerations can help you create a successful viral marketing campaign.

  • Take advantage of common motivating factors – People often have external drivers/motivators. Understanding them will help you build your viral campaign based on common behaviors and motivations that will encourage rapid sharing.
  • You have to give something to win something – In this case, offer something for free as an incentive for sharing your message with their networks. People like free things, even if it is of not much use to them and once you have grabbed their attention you can market your product and services.
  • Make it easy to share/like/transfer – After all viruses spread rapidly because it is easy to transmit. Internet is a distracting environment and hence you must make your content easily available and the medium easy for transferring and sharing. Also, concise messages are far more effective.
  • Scalability – Depending on what you are offering, you should be prepared to scale up your transmission method as your message goes viral.
  • Utilize existing social networks of people – Instead of urging people to create new lines of communication with existing or new networks for your message, place your message into their ongoing communication with their existing network.
  • Utilize other relevant resources – In addition to your own mediums of transmission, you can also take advantage of other’s resources to spread your message. Affiliate marketing programs, other websites, marketing material, etc are also effective mediums for transmission.

The good thing about viral marketing is that when something becomes so popular, even those who otherwise couldn’t care less about the message are going to take notice.