Social Media Analytics tools

Social Media Analytics tools

Social Media Analytics tools are used to gather and analyze data from social media marketing efforts to evaluate the performance of SMM. The primary purpose of SMM is to drive traffic to your website or any desired property present on the internet space. However, knowing the size of the traffic is not sufficient in evaluating the effectiveness of your social media marketing effort. Efficient data analysis mitigates risks and shows you how to attract and engage your target group in your most profitable segment. Social Media Analytics tools will give you qualitative insights and perform a quantitative analysis to help you deliver winning strategies for your marketing plan.

Commonly used Social Media Analytics tool

Google analytics

Google offers both free and paid analytics services. In addition to offering basic features like traffic measurement, revealing traffic sources, analyzing conversions and measuring sales, it also displays advertising, PPC networks, digital collaterals, etc. It also offers a live activity stream, which provides real time information on the relevant activities on social networks.


Brandwatch will help you monitor all conversation about your brand across all social mediums and supports up to 25 different languages.


Hootsuite has emerged as the most popular social media analytics tool as it offers a single online dashboard to manage all social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and others.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud

Probably one of the most comprehensive analytics tools available in the market and hence is a bit expensive. It combines Radian6’s technology for listening, Buddy Media technology for broadcasting content and’s solutions for effective advertising on social sites.


33Across is designed to primarily analyze how online audience interacts with a brand’s social media communications. This allows brands to create and place more relevant ads for their target group.


Another analytics tool that help brands in designing target ads by educating them on the behaviour and intent of online consumers. LocalResponse is unique in a way because it is able to extract meaning from online conversations.

Moz analytics

Moz analytics offers a single dashboard to keep track of social stats and measures performance of your marketing efforts to provide recommendations on improving your marketing efforts.


Topsy offers real time update on what’s on across all social media sites.