Listening and monitoring in SMM

Listening and monitoring in SMM

Social media has evolved into an effective medium to engage customers because it allows two way interactions between brands and consumers. Further, social media is effective in engaging people online as it allows them to express themselves, and share and network with other online users in real time and across the globe.

Thus, when a brand puts itself on the social platform, it should also monitor what online users are saying about the brand or its products and services. Members of the online community tend to trust one another and hence will believe in what the other members have to say. As a consequence, even a single bad review about your product or service can tarnish your brand reputation. On the other hand, by listening to what is trending in the online space, you can update your marketing efforts to make them more effective.

Essential features to look for in a social monitoring tool

There are many social monitoring tools available in the market. Here are few essential features of an efficient social monitoring software tool.

  • Ability to manage large volume of data – If you have a prominent presence on the internet, the sheer volume of relevant mentions may be overwhelming. A good social monitoring tool should be able to filter and segregate the information and translate this useful content for your easy understanding.
  • Measuring sentiment – Customers may not directly criticize or appreciate a product or service. A good monitoring software tool should be able to understand and interpret the sentiments behind even an apparently vague comment.
  • Usability – Any software tool should be foremost easy to set up and use to be efficient. Setting up of social profiles, developing a company workflow, comparing charts or even engaging customers should all be simple to execute for any employee.
  • Support service – Social media monitoring is a full time engagement. And, while everyone is aware of the basics of social media, there is a lot more to learn when it comes to using it for commercial purpose. Hence, your social monitoring software should come with some level of after sales support to answer your queries and help you make efficient use of the tool.